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This is the extraordinary moment members of 21-strong gang of armed drug dealers who used children to push their cocaine

A woman has told a court her boyfriend turned her cute dog into a Nazi after he trained it to

A German man dubbed ‘the big-legged beggar’ because he used his deformed limb to get sympathy and cash to fund

A police officer has been removed from front line duties after he was caught on camera telling a black man:

A husband and wife who lived a lavish lifestyle after defrauding the NHS out of £3.4million have been stripped of

A man convicted of killing two people in back-to-back robberies in 1992 was put to death in Ohio Wednesday morning. 

Berkeley Police now have permission to use pepper spray to repel demonstrators attacking officers and others during violent protests of

The owners of the pets who were abandoned as Hurricane Irma approached Florida could face felony charges, according to the

A millionaire traveller family who kept 18 homeless men as slaves for decades have been jailed for a total of

A former prostitute, who had a threesome with Wayne Rooney, is being questioned by police investigating a house party murder.