If TPLF is unable to get its act together, it would be no surprise to see more resignations

If TPLF is unable to get its act together, it would be no surprise to see more resignations
if tplf is unable to get its act together it would be no surprise to see more resignations If TPLF is unable to get its act together, it would be no surprise to see more resignations

Abay Woldu, chairman of TPLF and president of pthe Tigrai regional state [Photo: Awramba Times/Sisay Guzay]

By Tarku Tezera

If TPLF wants to attract educated people; First, it should stop worshiping a dead ‘visionary’ leader; second it should stop taking the credit of many hard working Ethiopians and give away all to a ‘visionary’ leader.

Both may seem the same but they are not. The second one could be paraphrased as follows: Try to motivate the Ethiopians by giving the credit they deserve for their leadership, work ethics, etc. so that they feel that they are working day and night to build the country they love rather than to build the “reputation” or legacy of a dead prime minister.

You should also be aware that, maybe Meles was probably a brilliant and knowledgeable person compared to many un-educated but very patriotic TPLF fighters (which I have tremendous respect, as equal as to Meles);

However, it is a bit hard to convenience the young educated current Tigrians that Meles was the only knowledgeable and ‘mels bekisu’ crap, when many educated Tigrians know that current Ethiopia lost its strategic coastal lands, or The Read Sea, because of the mistakes of the very ‘visionary’ TPLF leader(s) incompetence.

You should be aware that current Tigrian youths know beyond the propaganda of Dimtis Weyane. They can read any book online or in library and know their proud history; They can read history of King Yohans IV and Rass Alula and understand how these leaders were the true Ethiopians/Tigrians who defended colonial enemies.

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The other thing that need zerious attention is the mis-calculated move of changing the name of Federal University campuses to suit to the organization’s political propaganda (I am referring here EiT-Mekelle, Quiha Campus); which by the way is a negative move by the incompetent current TPLF cc, not only because this may anger many students (especially non-Tigrians, who likes probably king Minilik or Colonel Mengistu more than Meles) but also because you are insulting/belittling yourself by saying that TPLF leadership is incapable of leading Tigray after the death of one man.

One thing that attracted me from the recent statement of TPLF CC is that it boldely and genuine admitted its weaknesses in attracting educated Tigrian elites. And I want to reiterate that no educated Tigrian will be willing to sacrifice his valuable recourse, time, etc. to build the ‘reputation’ of a dead ‘visionary’ leader. As everyone is born to build the reputation of his career, and that is a good thing, because in the process of building their career, they are undeniably building the country. Maybe there are many professors (for example in Mekelle University) that they will tell you that they are okay with worshiping Meles and changing the name of EiT-Mekelle, Quiha Campus, but it is because they do not have any other better choice, and they know that if they did not show their willingness to do so, they will not remain in higher positions of the university (as a president, Dean or Department Head), or they will not get a research fund (if they did not name their project name to Project Meles, I am referring here the Rocket Science Project), or even many of them are afraid that they many loose their teaching positions (hence, they are lying to you; but, I can tell you the reality because I am hiding my real name).

Last but not least, let me clarify my point by stating the current political event that’s obviously clear to many TPLF cc, i.e., it seems Abadula got tiered of blamed (him and his party) for all bad things happening in the last few years (listen to what he used to say to Mini Sibihatu of Zami FM a year ago), but he or his party doesn’t get any credit for the amazing developmental progress (instead, the good achievement is mention all the time because of the “Road Map” planned the ‘visionary’ leader Meles).

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As a result, any reasonable person in his place will decide what Abadula used to do.

In fact, TPLF cc should thank him for trying hard for the last 5 years tolerating of this one man worship. I think Adisu Legesse also did similar decision few years back while resigning from the directorship position of Meles Leadership Institute (but no one had disscussed about that let alone to be a big news),

If TPLF is really unable to get its acts together, before it became too late (thought it is already too late) we may see simililar resignation news from the top EPRDF leadership circle including PM Hilemariam Desalegn.

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